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Welcome to the Bluegrass Railroad Museum and Kentucky Museum of Natural History, located on historic West Main Street in Louisville. Located 15 miles outside Lexington, the hotel offers unique views of the rolling hills and picturesque farmland known as the "Bluegrass" region of central Kentucky. Kentucky is also home to Mammoth Cave, which offers a variety of recreational activities and is less than an hour and a half away.

For nature lovers who want to experience the beauty of Kentucky, the park offers a variety of hiking, walking and biking trails. Nature lovers will enjoy the expanded trail at Mammoth Cave National Wildlife Refuge and the Kentucky Natural History Museum as well as the Bluegrass Trail.

The museum offers a unique opportunity to collect, preserve and exhibit Kentucky artifacts, and the Kentucky Museum also contributes to this. Through the annual program of the museum, parishioners can visit historical areas of the community, listen to local writers and historians discuss local history and participate in activities that promote the appreciation of our community's heritage.

Our museum is not only the custodian of the Kentucky Derby, but also offers so much more to our community. The Outreach Program travels to communities across the state to educate Kentucky's youth about the economic history and significance of the Kentucky Derby. This programming is part of a core content curriculum developed in partnership with the University of Louisville and the College of Arts and Sciences at Kentucky State University.

The Family Search Catalog provides instructions and the index image link provides information on how to find Kentucky Birth Records and how to find Kentucky Death Records. Search the Kentucky Museum of Natural History website for "Kentucky Derby," and you'll find a list of all the Kentucky Derby events at the museum, as well as information about the history of the Kentucky Derby.

The opening hours are Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm and from 12 pm to 4 pm, Monday to Saturday and from 12 pm to 3 pm, Sunday and Monday. The Art of War posters from the World Conflict exhibition are on view at the Madisonville Kentucky Natural History Museum until May 20, 2017. You can see them until April 20 and until June 1, 2016 in the exhibition "Art of War" from the exhibition "The Conflict of the World."

Kentucky residents who visit this museum can visit the museum for $1 per person. The McCreary County Museum, where you can explore coal, timber and railway history, also offers train travel. The painted exhibition "Coal, Timber and Railroads in Kentucky" offers many details about the history of coal and timber in Madisonville Kentucky.

The original marriage records are kept in the Hopkins County Courthouse, while divorce records from 1849 to 1958 are kept in the Hopkins County Circuit Court. The estate register is located in the courthouse of the Kentucky Genealogy Cour of Hopkins County and is administered by the US Department of Justice and the Kentucky State Archives and Records Office. Microfilmed records can also be found in this museum and other museums in Madisonville, Kentucky. See the rotating formation of Kentucky County Boundaries, "an animated map that illustrates the changes in county boundaries in Kentucky.

For more information, visit and visit our website or write to us for more information. We hope you will find it in Madisonville, and in the meantime, we hope you will find it on this page when you move to Kentucky.

Columbus Belmont State Park is a 156-acre site that played a fascinating role in the War of the States. Davis' birthplace is marked by a 351-foot monument to Davis erected on the site and resting on a foundation of solid Kentucky limestone. Join us and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media for more information about the Madisonville Kentucky Museums.

The most important exhibits of the museum include the Museum of Civil War and Civil Rights, the Museum of Women's History and the Museum of Natural History. The museum includes exhibits on the history of the Kentucky State Capitol and the history and culture of the state.

Kentucky has a number of national parks, but the most famous in Kentucky is the Big Bone Lick State Park in Louisville, Kentucky, just outside Louisville. By its very name, Bigbone Licks is one of the largest and most popular national parks in the United States. Just like any other state, Kentucky has some very well-known attractions that many tourists may not know about. This is not a complete list, and there are probably a number of other strange places in Kentucky, including some that I didn't find as interesting as the ones listed here.

Madisonville in Hopkins County is home to a number of outdoor activities, including rolling grasslands, hiking, biking, fishing and camping. Madisonville is also home to one of the largest reservoirs in the United States, the Madison County Reservoir. Kentucky is second nationally in reservoirs, behind Texas, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

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