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A truly unique talent, this Kentucky firebrand began learning guitar from his uncle Duke and playing in family bands at the age of three. This diverse collection of works has inspired generations of highly qualified musicians to go their own ways. Boscoe France, from Madisonville, Kentucky, has kept this tradition alive with an almost indescribable connection to the guitar. He went to the Hoppers, where he played the piano, sang, arranged, wrote and co-wrote some of their charts - the best songs.

From there he learned from many talented musicians who played and recorded professionally. Jamey is no stranger to gospel singing; he was formerly a tenor singer in a male quartet and later sang in his father's church choir. When Teresa and Carla started to develop their own music, Ken sang in the choir, but when they also arranged and sang songs in harmony, they sang them in harmony.

That connection would shape his entire career, dragging him across the strait to live concerts in Nashville and Nashville, Tennessee. Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan have paid tribute to the singer by performing with him in their live concerts. These shows often include "Don't mess with Jim" and "Cross the Boxes," to name a few.

His love of bluegrass music in his home state has motivated him to learn guitar and other instruments used in traditional bluesgrass, and his weekly appearances in Kentucky have helped him hone his skills. The 35-year-old bluesman's deep roots in the country music scene have given him a bluegrass sensibility that has earned him a deep appreciation for the music of his home country. Alan's list includes many musical heroes, including Jimi Hendrix, John Prine, Neil Young, Robert Plant, Buddy Guy, Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, George Harrison, Billie Holiday, Nene Hightower and John Luberecki. He was also a mentor to emerging artists when he was selected to play at the Crossroads Guitar Festival in 2010, curated by Eric Clapton, where he and Kirby joined legends like Legend himself.

Teresa played the piano, and after she got her hands on an old Kalamazoo electric bass, the piano lessons were over. A short time later Carla took up a bass guitar and started playing her own guitar with her sister Teresa.

Nichols said she knew it was special to have all three children sing along the first time. The set continued with what I think was a really great song, "and they also played a bunch of other songs, followed by a closing song called" Sleeping on the Blacktop.

His son Shannon is a high tenor singer, while his voice is at the other end of the spectrum and he sings deep bass. Shannon was the baby in the family, so there was never singing lessons, but he was able to sing a beautiful tenor harmony part at the age of 5. Both children took piano lessons and replied that the Lord had just given them this ability.

He encouraged them both to play the piano, gave them lessons for a few years and in later stages they became full-time singers. They are very important members of the group today and sing in the church choir, as well as in a number of other groups.

McBride won three Academy of Country Music awards as a Top Female Vocalist and has won more than 15 major music awards, including a Grammy for best country album and three Grammys for album of the year. Her latest album Crickets has maintained its success, earning her platinum certified number one status in the US and Canada. Marlene was blessed with the opportunity to write wonderful songs recorded by numerous artists in the gospel music industry. She closed her set with a new song from the above mentioned album called "Checkbook" and will be contacting Mr. Andy to talk about her new album, which will be released soon.

Stop Drop & Roll "by hit songwriter Casey Beathard, who wrote the ACM award - a winning hit "Find out who your friends are," marked his first appearance in the Madisonville Music Hall of Fame.

Last year Martina released "It's the Holiday Season," a new Christmas album that included new songs by her and her band, and also brought along her Joy Christmas Tour, this time with a local orchestra. Alan is the founder and CEO of the Bluegrass Music Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit dedicated to preserving and promoting bluegrass music in America. The Foundation produces and distributes "Fanning the Fire," an award-winning documentary about the history and development of blues music, which will be shown on Saturday, December 9 at 7 p.m. at the Madisonville Music Hall of Fame.

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